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1959 specifications


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I have posted twice in the past on this board looking for Automobile Manufacturer's Association specs for 1959 Buick with no luck. If you have never seen these, they run about 25-35 pages long and have just about every possible spec & measurement there is. I believe that manufacturers belonging to the AMA were required to turn in these compilations. Major catagories include: general specs, engine-mechanical, electrical, drive units, brakes, suspension, body dimensions, station wagons & weights.<P>I finally got my hands on a copy courtesy of the superb Detroit Public Library's National Automotive History Collection (I paid for copying & mailing).<P>I used to 'darken the doorstep' of the NAHC wing regularly when I went to school in Detroit in 1984-85. It's the Fort Knox of golden car info- I'm sure it's the most comprehensive in the nation. At the time I wasn't involved in '59s tho, so I didn;t take advantage of it.<P>Botom line- if anyone is in search of a particular specification on the '59s, ask away!

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