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Hail storm on May 1, 2002

Guest Shaffer

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Guest Shaffer

For those who did not see my last post on the "What Buick do you own", we had a major hail storm here in Bristol, Tennessee on the late evening of May 1, 2002. My old 1991 Honda Accord was damaged, as well as my 1994 Chevrolet Lumina and 1989 Pontiac Safari. I sold the Honda, planning on selling the Lumina, as it got moderate sized dents and I only had liability insurance on them. Some parts of town had more severe hail. One of those areas have a car lot, with a 1967 Buick LeSabre 4dr sedan with 35,000 actual miles. The car used to set under the tall shed on the car lot. While all of the newer cars there got severe damage, busted windows, busted mirrors, the poor old Buick also got damage. Not nearly as bad as the newer cars, but was still sad to see that 35K actual mile 67 Buick with hail damage. Its paint is faded, but original and it has no rust. The interior is like brand new. The car is light green/light green. It is the plainest 67 full-size Buick. It has no a/c, no pw, no pdl. They reduced the price to $3,700 to $2,500 I think, which would still be a good deal. The window was shattered out of my grandmothers car, who lives next door, down the street house windows and car windows was shattered. At my uncles, about 2 miles away, the from windshields was busted out of my uncles Ford trucks (84 and 89 models) as well as severe dents, but his 1957 Pontiac Star Chief was untouched. There was NO damage to it. Luckily my grandfathers 1955 Buick was in the garage, but even if not, it may have been OK. I just hope we naver have a hail storm like that again. That storm started in Missouri, went through Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, down into NE Tennessee- where it hit our area- Bristol, TN) and all the way into the mountains of western North Carolina, when it finally weakened a little. I think it went all the way into South Carolina. That was one of the most destructive storms I ever seen. shocked.gif" border="0mad.gif" border="0

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