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03 Park Avenue Ultra


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After seven years with the same car ,Buick finally has made some changes to this car.I picked up a brochure today at a Buick dealer and fell out of my chair when I opened it.They have added a chrome tail pipe tip,portholes and chrome door sills.they have new wheels but they change them every year anyway.I will glue portholes on my Park and no one will know the differance.Dont get me wrong,I love my Park ave.I have had 26 Buicks and will keep buying them .I have 110,000 mi. on my Regal-T & have changed only plugs,wires, and drive belt.The 67 still has the origional alt,starter,ac compressor and just about everything else,also over 100,000 mi.Oh,I have changed brake pads.

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