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Windshield for 1953 76R, interchange


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My lovely '53 76R has a broken windshield. What other year windshield can I use, what other cars and where can I order from, prefer west coast but I need the window so I can't be too fussy. Thanks Lloyd from Shelton confused.gif" border="0

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Guest 53and61

According to my Hollander manual, the same windshield fits<P>'50-'52 Buick 50 and 70 convertibles and coupes<BR>'53 Buick 56C, 76C, 56R, 76R<BR>'50-'52 Cadillac 61 and 62 hardtops<BR>'50-'53 Cadillac 62 convertible except El Dorado<BR>'53 Cadillac hardtops<BR>'50-'51 Olds 98 Holiday coupes and convertibles

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