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Searchable Index for ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE

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Wouldn't it be a wonderful project to create a searchable index for ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE? The back issues contain hundreds of informative articles of great interest to our members. As an idea, perhaps we could interest a nearby university offering a Library Science curriculum to offer it as a thesis project(s) for a one or some Master's or Doctoral candidates. If this is not an attractive option, some portion could be grunt work for undergrads needing income. Some endowment from AACA would probably be necessary, but if we can fund a museum, we should be able to usefully preserve our voice of 70 years.

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This has been talked about a lot on the forum. And I agree it would be a great asset to the club and members. I believe this project is somewhat in the works.

Last year, I indexed an issue as a protype (with volunteers doing the indexing). I believe this project has been scraped but there are other plans in the works in the near future for a complete searchable index. I hope I am not speaking out of turn here. To the best of my knowledge, this is true. Maybe something will be announced at Philly.

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Everyone agrees it is a great idea. Peter Gariepy was spearheading an effort to get this done and I am not sure how much progress has been made.

Our Library has been offered a very large grant to put its entire contents on-line over the next 5 years. We are working out the details. It has been the goal of the Library board directors and staff to make the library more acessible to all our members. Expect to hear some announcements in Philly or shortly thereafter.

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The idea for a searchable index for Antique Automobile

was mentioned 10 years ago. Certain people were even

named as working on it. Did anything ever happen?

How can we get this index?

It would be helpful, not only for newsletter editors, but

for thousands of members. Even if it wasn't searchable,

but was an ordinary index from 1935 to date, printed and/or

electronically available, it would be appreciated.

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Antique Automobile magazines are currently being digitally scanned, and an index is forthcoming. Last I heard, they were up to 2006. Not sure what you mean by an index not being searchable. What would make an index not searchable???

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I was thinking of "searchable" as in typing a keyword,

and a computer program would immediately give all the

locations of that word, with links directly to the magazine text.

I guess that would be better termed a concordance.


To me, "unsearchable" text would mean simply an index

as in a book--whether the index was in .pdf format or on a 

printed page.  But even such an index could be helpful.


I suppose my terminology wasn't the best!

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