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Need help with parts identification / have numbers.


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hi - i need some help identifying 2 spare parts i believe are for Buicks but could be for any gm car. Anyway here are the #'s of what is a generator i believe:"Delco - Remy" 1102709 OH 8. on the tag the 1st # has "Model" under it and "Serial" under "OH 8". What make and year is it for? Also another "Delco - Remy" # 1107953 OB 2?? I could not find in my master chassis parts book these numbers. would appreciate some help and may be willing to sell if they are not for my '50 Roadmaster. <BR> confused.gif" border="0

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Doesn't anyone have a parts book that would show these part #'s? Could really use some help. Would like to sell if I knew what they were for. Thanks. shocked.gif" border="0

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