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55-56 interchangability


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Hi folks,<BR> Just thought I'd share some info some of you may know and others not, but I think very useful none the less. I picked up a 55 Super on hunch as donor for my 56 Roadmaster and I find<BR> The doors on the 55 2dr hdtp and 56 are interchangable only the side trim holes are in different spot, otherwise body lines match,(Hollander books don't specifically tell this)<BR> The floor pans are also interchangable, as well as the trunk floor and trunk floor extensions.<BR> all the glass and front and rear stainless trim is same (also note that 54-56 Caddy Coupe front windshield and trim is same)<BR> also the door and quarter window mouldings are the same including door roof flipper.<BR> The radiator support is the same<BR> The gas door is the same<BR> the gas tank is the same<BR> outer skins on quarter panel are the same, but different at the inner part in the tail light area.<BR> vent boxes interchange<BR> Hope that some of you guys find that useful to broaden the range of parts you can use between 55-56 Roadmaster&Super

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