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Willbilly53 - Progress Report, Photos?


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Hey Will E.<BR>Did you ever consider taking photos of your progress on the 1953 and post them on a website for us to see? Lots of 'free' websites out there to use.<P>If you run into a snag you could post a photo of the 'part' or 'area' you need help on (you know a picture is worth a million words). <P>Just a suggestion to help you out.<BR>(We just want to SEE that car wink.gif" border="0 )<P>Keep up the great job at saving another Buick from the junkyard!<p>[ 05-18-2002: Message edited by: GR8 53 Roadmaster ]

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hey tom!<P>that's a great idea. i mean about posting it here. i've been documenting the restoration.<BR>but with a regular film camera. i've been looking to buy a digital camera for faster posting. i've got a site already, but i haven't posted anything yet. <P>maybe i'll borrow the one from work and take some tonight and post some pics this weekend. i have from 6pm til ? today to work on my girl! i'm sooooooo excited!<P>i'm also purchasing the fuel lines and brake lines today from classictube.com<P>i'll probably be posting a bunch of stuff tonight. i have problem of trying to task everything at once. (very bad - so i've been told) i just can't help it!

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