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1958 Limited for sale

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Thanks for adding a link Brian.

The 58 is a neat old beast. It has flaws and scars from being an unrestored original, but it's my kind of car. The motor still runs like a 56K mile original, and it drives good. It needs a lot of misc things done or repaired, but a handy car guy would have a blast fixing it up. If I were keeping the car like I had originally planned, I was going to fix the pass side door trim ( dinged up ), fix the driver side lower far back chrome ( creased ), and bumper end ( creased ), front tail light eyebrows ( tiny crack in the middle ), do

the exhaust, and drive it as is. The interior is all original minus one part of the front seat ( the back cloth part ), but that's it.

The great thing about the car is that it is so rust free and unmolested. It's amazing how nice all the metal looks. It was a New Mexico car first, then a Texas car, so it was in good conditions. Over the years, the car has seen some cheesey small touch ups, but they don't look to bad.... I'm not a body guy, and I'm sure a good guy could make some of those areas look much better.

I'm also going to be helping a friend sell Four more 4dr 58 Limiteds soon. If anyone is interested, please email your phone # or email at ryanp@cniemail.com

All need restoration, but none are rusty, and most have good chrome. All are pretty loaded minus A/C.

Take care,

Ryan Poulos


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