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Exhaust Deflector w/logo


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So I decided that the finishing touch to our car would be a chrome exhaust deflector witht the Buick logo on it and I remember seeing an ad in the back of Old Cars Weekly for them. I called that lady (Sue) and she told me that they can't get GM logos any longer so all they have are the plain ones (no logo). Does anyone here have a spare they would like to sell or know where I might find one? I found a plain one on eBay for about $18 and that's a pretty good deal but a friend in the Gateway Chapter has the one with the logo and it sure looks better.<P>Thank you in advance.

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---WARNING--- Before you spend the money just for one with the old Buick logo on it.<P>I had one when I bought my '53 last year and while on one of my stops on the trip home, somebody took a knife or sharp tool and removed the old Buick emblem from the deflector. I couldn't believe they did this in a parking lot with people all over the place. They must have thought it was original (jokes on them).<P>Just wanted to warn you that the emblem WILL disappear someday when you least expect it.<BR> mad.gif" border="0<p>[ 05-18-2002: Message edited by: GR8 53 Roadmaster ]

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