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cleaning dash on a '53


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Guest AWBE

Just some good polish---but be careful on the engine turned part---you can mess it up if you are not careful.

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I agree - good, quality polish does a great job. DON'T be surprised to see a little 'color' come off on your wax cloth. You can expect a little oxidation for a 49 year old car.<P>One other thing I did when I got my car last year. I used Armor All on all the rubber around the doors because they were filthy and starting to get hard. AMAZING is all I can say with the results. Now they look-n-feel like rubber and make a better seal around the door/windows. Just a suggestion to toss out at you.<BR><A HREF="http://www.armorall.com/prodcat/pages/ultrashine_2.4.html" TARGET=_blank>Armor All Website</A><P>While I'm here....have you checked out Coker.com for your "toilet-seat" white walls?<BR>Make sure you get radials (the ride & handling is MUCH better). Also take them up on their tire insurance (per tire - 100% coverage and very cheap).<P><A HREF="http://www.coker.com/default2.asp" TARGET=_blank>Coker.com Website - 1953 Buick Tire Page</A>

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