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Oil Pans and Air Cleaners

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I can't remember ever seeing the oil pan on a Zephyr painted? Does anyone know if the pans were painted and what color? I have heard that the air cleaners( oil bath) had "instruction" decals on the side? If they did mine is missing; can anyone shead some light on this? Thanks

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Dear Peecher,General FORD rule of thumb including Lincolns,MOST cast iron engine parts are Ford or Lincoln green and MOST sheet metal parts,air cleaner,oil pan,wire looms,oil filter are gloss black.Only exception i can think of right now are the exhaust manifolds.I do not know what year your Zephyr is....on a 1938-41 Oil Bath type silencer the decal is on the left side. Decals are available as follows...make check payable to M.A.R.-L.C.O C. Send to Bob O'Hara,Merwin Lake Road,Kinderhook N.Y. 12106-9720 specify year and air cleaner type.38-39 Oil bath is 3.00.If you need more info please e-mail me at phaeton37@aol.com diz smile.gif

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