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1971-72 Riviera Trunklid emblem


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I have been working with a man who reproduces many chrome emblems for many different cars. I met him at Carlisle. He already reproduces the 1973-74 trunklid emblem, "Riviera by BUICK". I sent him a used sample of the 1971-72 emblem. He had a NOS emblem at his place, but wasn't sure of the year. He will now reproduce the 1971-72 trunklid emblem "Riviera By BUICK", and we're hoping it will be ready within the next 60-90 days.<BR> By the way, does anyone have a NOS grill for a 1971 Riviera? If you do, I'm your man. Write me at buickman@crosslik.net.<BR> I'm having my lower door panels (with the armrest) reproduced or repair, whatever they do. I've seen the work on another car and it was excellent. However, I'm having to rent a U-Haul to carry the money from the bank to the post office that it is costing me. This is what happens when there is a sole source supplier. Legandary Interiors has advertised in the Riviera Club magazine that they are going to reproduce 1971--- interiors, but when I called they said the project was on temporary hold. So I went to the sole source supplier. One has to do what they have to do.

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