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need of a motor mount pad for a 1964 Skylark with a 300 V8


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Do you need the rubber part of the mount that bolts to the block, or the metal stand that bolts to the frame with 3 bolts? The '64 is unique to '64--the mount on the engine and the stand on the frame are different than the '65-'67 and they are no longer avialable. The trick is convert it over with the mount stands off of a '65-'67 frame and then you can go buy a brand new set of mounts for a '65-'67 and put them on your engine. The '64 mounts are smaller--less surface area where the rubber is bonded to the metal, and that is why they fail and break. I converted my '64 over when I restored it. If you need the metal stand off of the frame, I have the ones that came off of my '64.

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It's the metal piece called the motor mount tower that I need.

(Found out the proper name today)

I just need the left one. What would you need for it, or the pair?

Where are you located, how soon could you get the package off to me?

I would consider what you did.

Are the towers from a '65 hard to find? Do they bolt on at the same location?

What exactly is involved?


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