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1956 Lincoln 368 ci engine for sale - rebuildable

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I know this is the wrong forum for this kind of stuff, but the LCOC discussion site doesn't seem to exist any more. I know that a lot of us have later model Lincolns as well as Zephyrs. I have had this '56 Lincoln 368 cubic inch engine (see attachment) sitting in my garage in California for about 35 years and it's time to get rid of it. If anybody is interested in it, please contact me. I'll put it on ebay one of these days and I think it should be worth at least $50. I have more pictures if anybody has any interest in it. I'd hate to scrap it because somebody with a '56 Lincoln or Mark II could use it. They're not making these any more.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea how to ship the engine to Oregon.

I would imagine that a freight company would be able to give a price based on the weight and distance. I think the engine probably weighs about 600 lbs and would need to be strapped to a pallet.

The engine is in La Crescenta, (just north of Glendale) California, where we lived for 30 years until moving to Texas in 1992.

It came out of a parts car I used to modify my 1947 Continental in 1964.

I ended up using a 1957 Lincoln engine with a 1954 Lincoln (GM) 4-speed hydramantic transmission in the '47.

I'm planning on making a trip to California in the spring of 2005 and will bring the engine to Texas at that time. Texas is somewhat closer to Wisconsin than Southern California.

E-mail me at kcd@texas.net

Check out my Webshots photo albums at:


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