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LOOKING for a Columbia 4 my '41 LINCOLN

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1941 Lincolns usually came with a Borg-Warner transmission overdrive. This is a LOT more modern unit and preferable to the Columbia axle, which is fragile and expensive to repair. However, 1941 was the only year in which Lincolns could be ordered with BOTH overdrives. Why anybody would do that is an interesting question, but some folks did it. Build it and SOMEBODY will buy it!

That being said, I got a Columbia axle for my 1939 Zephyr from Dan Krehbiel in Temecula, California. Dan is the Columbia advisor for the Early Ford V8 Club and is also a member of the LZOC. Dan has built several hundred Columbia axles over the past 20+ years and knows how to "bullet-proof" them. Be prepared to spend some money though, as good Columbia axles are NOT cheap, no matter where you get them.

Photos of the installation of the Columbia axle in my '39 Zephyr are at the end of my Webshots photo album at: http://community.webshots.com/album/73152974bRlXIf

Good luck!

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Yes Michael, this is one of the most humorous anecdotes of the H Lincoln folklore, it is said that there was a national economy run held in 1941 where all of the US production cars were placed in various classes, and the Lincoln entry used Both Overdrives, giving a likely overall end ratio approaching 1 to 1, Lincoln won the large car class, and used the fact unmercifully in their advertising, for example, "The silky quiet V-12, barely sips the gasoline", wish I could find more documentation on that economy run, would like it for my files.

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This car originally HAD a Columbia - The control cable is still mounted to the dash, the clutch valves are still in place , as is the speedometer inerchange.

But, alas no rear axle (with the Columbia).

Twenty years ago, I had a '36 Ford Coupe with one in it, and it was a

GREAT highway car. NO PROBLEMS

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