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Rear Axle Applications

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Hopefully the gearhead trust here can help me confirm some early Lincoln axle info for a technical publication. It's one of those obscure factoids that you just want to get right. I have a Spicer Axle parts catalog that lists the Spicer 53 (might be called a "Salisbury" in the late '40s or early '50s) rear axle as being used on assorted '50-59 Lincolns. I have a gap in my manuals from '60-66 and nothing prior to 1950. I have done some searching around but have not found any readily available documentation. My questions are as follows;

1) Was the Spicer 53 used prior to 1950? I have found some chassis photos of a '49 Licoln that shows what appears to be a Spicer 53, though the angles are off just enough to prevent 100 percent confirmation (it looks like a Spicer axle for sure).

2) Was the Dana 53 used after 1959? I know the Ford 9 3/8-inch dropout unit appeared in 1966 Continentals. Can I conclude the Spicer 53 was used until them? I know the Spicer '53 was used in other applications to 1969.

Many thanks.

Jim Allen

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Jim, I believe Lincoln used the same Spicer rear axle from model year 1949 to 1965. There may have been some small design changes but the basic unit remained the same. Rear axles prior to '49 were "Ford" in design, utilizing a torque tube drive and 3/4 floating axles. You might want to post on the LCOC forum listed at the top of this forum for further information as these guys( and gals) are more into the "modern" Lincolns.

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