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Architecture and Signage: Historic Buick Dealerships


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Come on you St.Louis guys…About once a year, i post on here that I am looking for pictures of the Willcockson Motors (Buick/Pontiac) building in St.Louis.  It started out in the twenties as Vesper Buick, then became Willcockson Buick in the thirties until about 1946.  There are pictures and drawings on the National Historic Register site and a nice write up before it was torn down.  I have been looking for good contemporary pictures of the building and any stories from back in the day.  I would like to photoshop one of my cars into the picture.  Mr Willcockson was my grandfather who died before I was born and Fred Vesper was a distributor in the early years of Buick.


Of all the dealership pictures from all over the country, it’s odd this one never shows up, because it was in business for about twenty years in a big city and they moved a lot of cars through there.  it was also a unique Spanish architectural design.

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