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PartII:56 Roadmaster/Gilroy/Bridgeport


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Here is part II of Brown Buick question, <BR> This hopefully for someone who was in BP in the 50's and 60's. my first R/M convertible came from a Don Gilroy of Bridgeport CT, his father of the same name apparently bought in new it was black with Black/ white interior. i am wondering if this car also came from Brown<BR> apparently as the story goes the younger Giroy used to race trhis car on the street down there, and in one instance clipped a Cadillac which tore out one of the pass side port holes. I got rid on the fender before I heard the story which was second hand from another owner. Well apparently he raced the car enough to finally blow up the engine, by burning up several pistons, this I found out when trying to start it and getting nice crankcase explosion and when i took off the heads it was as such.<BR> So now i am interested, you guys out there from Bridgeport... do you remember this car or the man and more interestingly do you remeber the race where a Cadillac (probably same vintage) was hit....

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