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inside door handle

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Hi, if any of you have the time to check out ebay within 3days of 10/28 and search "vintage door handle window crank" there are 16 auctions listed, i wanted to see if one of you guys can identify auction #8, 9 and 16 to see if these are maybe lincoln zephyr door handles and window crank. please let me know as i'm searching for these for a 1937 4-door sedan.



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Hi Mike,

If you like ebay and can wait for a while, hang in there. However, don't rely on the accuracy of the seller's description. Many of these folks have no idea what they have for sale!

If you need door handles right away, check out the "sources" section of lzoc.org. Merv Adkins or Bob Boos should be able to supply what you need.

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Have just came in to these handles, a good friend says the look like 1940 to him, what do you guys think, they are not the way I remenber them, but they are in great shape, even if they are for a'47 Fraser, thanks, Rolf

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