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Lincoln Zephyr v12 carb for sale

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Hey Ace, as you know, all prewar LZ carbs have the LZ script logo on them, and 3 hole base's through 1941, either Stromberg or Holley, am unclear if both were available before 1940, but your '37 should have a Stromberg, all the correct ones for '40-'48 are the 06H Holleys, the postwars do not have the LZ script, and have 4 hole bases, as does the '42, but they apparently still had script on the carburetor, amazing what you learn in the process of restoring 5 carburetors, as my good friend and I did recently, condition is paramount, good luck, Rolf

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Yeah Phil, my ISP, sasquatch, went belly-up and I had to switch, have not been putting my new address out much, as I am really enjoying being spam-free for a change, and they get harvested if you are careless with them, will try to find yours and send you mine off list. Thanks for showing the carburetor, that is a '40-'42 06H Holley, but it looks as if it were on an industrial, marine, or stationery application what with that wierd base, and I am not sure if the throttle arm is still there or not, they are kind of goodies, also some of the other choke levers etc are missing it looks like too, might be worth $50, but I would pass myself

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