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I was in Borders tonight and found a neat book that could come in handy and answer all kinds of questions.<P>"The Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book" covers all American V-8s from about 1949-1975. Power output, vehicles each engine was in, PLUS casting and block identification numbers and casting numbers and similar information on intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds. There's also informaiton on each engine family and such. Much of this information could come in handy for swap meet and salvage yard shopping activities.<P>I did not see any specs on the engine internal items as in the Peterson Publishing Company "Engine Annuals" (starting in 1965), such as cam timing specs or piston weights, so that was a little of a disappointment, but the casting and stamping number information on the blocks and heads can be very valuable information to have--especially for something other than Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler engines.<P>Wanted to pass this along for those who might be interested. Check the book out and see what you think.<P>Enjoy!<BR>NTX5467

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