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Why so much oil on my Air Filter?

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Jeff, I'm going overboard on my GTS engine. One improvement is a GReedy catch can to filter the oil out of the pcv system before it goes to the intake. It is on this page. http://www.roadraceengineering.com/eclengine.htm It is a good idea since the oil winds up in the intercooler and reduces the heat dissipation of the i/c. As far as a lot of oil, I would suspect the valve seals first. Viton valve seals are the ones I like. Haven't done this job in 32 years so you have to read the manual. I have also added a seperate coolant line for the #4 cylinder and a petcock or valve for bleeding air from the head instead of dribbling antifreeze down the block. I can just attach a small hose and run it to the radiator and let the air and antifreeze bubble into the rad. Right now I'm running the plumbing for a 23x11x3" i/c and a front mounted K&N filter.

PS I'm still driving the tc with no console. I want the GTS finished before the snow falls, so that the tc will stay warm and dry. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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Larry is right some oil is normal but if the filter is saturating, that's too much. There might be an

easier fix than tearing into the motor however, and this one can be tackled in about two hours with

a new valve cover gasket, a tube of RTV, degreaser, and basic hand tools.

If you locate where the PVC line attaches to the back of the valve cover you will see a small stubby

nipple that comes off the cover. On the inside of the cover there is a baffle system here that may

need to be resealed. IIRC there was even a TSB concerning improper sealing on some turbo engines.

You'll obviously need to pull off the valve cover (4 13mm bolts, 5 10mm bolts, 2 10mm nuts) to do

it. Once the cover is off remove the baffle (2 short 10mm bolts) and clean it and the inside of the

valve cover very well, a good degreaser is essential (I prefer Castol super degreaser in the purple

gallon jug or smaller spray bottle. Rubber gloves are needed as it will eat your skin as well as

'etch' into polished aluminum surfaces so be careful of the ribs and the word "turbo" on the outside

of the cover) Everywhere the baffle channels touch the inside surface of the valve cover needs to be

resealed with the RTV. Careful now, there are two small notches in the baffle that need to stay

free from RTV, theses notches allow the oil to drain out as the oil vapor cools and recondenses.

That's it though just reassemble with a new gasket and your filter may stay much drier.

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