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Antique trailer parking @ Hershey

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Last year some trailer parking was available at the Hershey meet right next to Hershey Park (in front of the maintenance bldg) where the handicapped parking is designated for this year. Is this area ONLY for handicapped this year? Was this site designated as handicapped in last year's meet, or has this been a change for this year? Also, is the entrance to the show field at the same place as last year? The map information does not designate an entrance to the showfield. Anyone know the answers to these? confused.gif Thanks [color:\\"blue\\"]

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Dick...Welcome to the AACA Forum.

Just my opinion. Hershey Region people will, hopefully, answer your questions shortly.

You can also go to the AACA Main Page, scroll down to Regions & Chapters "On-Line". Open the Hershey Region's site, and, post your question there. These are the folks hosting the meet, so, they will provide the most accurate answers.

Regards, Peter J.

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Information on trailer parking can be found at the Hershey Region website, http://www.aaca.org/hershey/faq.htm and yes there will be parking at the maintenance building in a lot next to the handicapped parking area.

Entrance to the show car field: Go to map at http://www.aaca.org/hershey/2004map.htm

Travel south on Rt. 39, between the Car Corral/Giant Center area and the Chocolate Field. Stay in the right hand lanes which will lead you in behind the Giant Center and on to the show car fields. Hope that helps.


Hershey Region

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