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Hershey Pre-T Ford Meeting and Pre-T Parts Question


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Hi, if anyone knows of a vender or seller going to Hershey with Pre-T Ford parts for sale, please let me know who and what spot if you know. I would like to include that info in the 1903-1909 Early Ford Newsletter that is going out soon. (they never are early...)

Second, if anyone is at Hershey, please feel free to stop by the Horseless Carriage Club of America Tent (HCCA) location RWO30 at 1:00 on Thursday Oct 7 for a short Pre-T meeting. I won't be able to make it, but Floyd Jaehnert will be hosting the meeting.

Hap Tucker 1915 Ford Touring cut off and made into a pickup truck and 1907 Model S Runabout

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The Hershey Region is "On-Line". Click on Antique Automobile Club of America in the immediate left column, scroll down to Regions & Chapters On-Line. Hopefully, you will receive a response concerning parts vendors in time for your newsletter.

Regards, Peter J.

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