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Why would a Black 91, with 33k miles go for over $10,000 on e-ba


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I'm new and still trying to understand the pricing of TC's, I know the 89/90 M motor / 5spds are top of the heap, and it makes sense that lower miles are valuable, and maybe some colors are not rare enough .... could someone help me to understand the value break down within the 3 model years?

( I ask because I have an old Mopar, and, with a 440 4bl, has one value, with a 6 pack more , with a Hemi more, then interior choices also make a difference, base bench coloum shift, then buckets, then bench 4spd, then buckest 4sd etc) when it comes to colors, not that much difference.

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That is a little high for the 91 TC.

I bought my 91 Triple black TC with 33,300 miles from a dealer for a little less than $7000 back in 2002. The asking price was originally $8995 but they couldn't sell it for that much.

Values on the TC are influenced by the only options available:

paint color

leather color

soft top color/material

16valve/5speed for the 89 and 90 models

CD player

Triple black is a combination that doesn't seem to come up for sale very often and does command a premium. Most often sold are red with tan leather, maroon with tan leather and white or light yellow paint with either tan or black interior.

The tan top was vinyl, black top was cloth and the cloth commands a premium.

The Mitsubishi V6 cars are worth less than the 4 cylinder versions because they are more numerous and don't have turbos.

The most influential thing on the price is the location of the car vs the location of the buyer. With only 7300 built, finding one for sale close to you, in the color combo you like best is not easy.

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