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VIN Location


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I need to register a 1941 Olds 76 Dynamic Cruiser in Florida. The California title shows the VIN as GA401851, but I cannot locate that number on the car. I need to have it verified in order to complete the registration process.

Where is the VIN supposed to be on this vehicle?


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welcome to forum

your question about vin number location - the number you show is a engine number

heres what I know

70 series engine number prefix

G is syncro-mesh

GA is hydra-matic

engine number is stamped at top leftside of the engine cylinder block just back of water pump

car serial number is stamped on a plate that is riveted to the upper left hand corner of engine side of dash

tag should read OLDS 76L----- or OLDS 76C-----

first two digits are model number

followed by where car was built

L would be Linden

C would be California

then followed by a 4 or 5 digit serial number

hope this helps

aoc wink.gif

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Thank you for your assistance. I never would have found the number without it.

First, I saw what looked like a "1" when the light was held just right. With the help of rust remover, a wire brush and elbow grease, I was able to bring up the entire number.

I'm not sure why the engine number was used as the VIN in California. The serial number plate you mentioned is intact and readable.

But I just have to show a notary public a number that matches what's on the California title, and that problem is now solved.

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