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52 Buick for sale


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Just posted in local media, 52 Buick 8 cyl<BR>3 spd, serious restoration, project car, or<BR>custom project. $200.00 that is correct<BR>$200.00 smackeroos. 207-789-5432 Lincolnville<BR>Maine, or 207-230-0009 Camden, Maine<P>41 Buick Special project car with many spare<BR>parts, frame, engine, transmission, rear end.<BR>with 38 Buick condition unknown. ALL for<BR>$1000.00 that is correct $1000.00 Bucks.<BR>207-395-2305 Winthrop, Maine. Jump on it<BR>guys/gals <P>Loren 56 Buick Century

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