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Authenticity questions

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A couple of questions for the group on my 1941 Zephyr...

Regarding the front anti-squeak spring clamps, part #16H-5330, should those be painted black, or cad plated? Most of the clamp is covered by rubber, but the edges show...

What about headlight and taillight buckets, should they be painted body color, or black? Was the undercoating applied to the inside of the fenders after the buckets were installed or before?

Thanks, JW

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Sorry that I can't help more, I have seen a lot of well used '41's, but none new, had a like new one in the '50's, but it is long gone, I am almost positive the headlight buckets were painted glossy black, as well as all the surrounding parts, the inside of the taillite buckets are glossy white, for reflective enhancement I guess, as far as I know not all Zephyrs were undercoated, that is usually a dealer option, and they do not come from the factory with it, if the dealer did it, everything on the underneath will be covered with it, take nothing I have said as gospel, merely some observations over the years, Rolf

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Diz is right Tom, the whiskers on the skirts look like the kind that were used on Chrysler airflows, other wise it looks very original and like a very nice car, notice the pull type door handles, stock for some '41's, while others had the outside stainless push buttons, and had a "popper" type spring in the door to push them open, my 16H77 (club coupe) had pull outs, but my son insists on the push buttons, so he has had to add after market poppers, I love them both ways, Rolf

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