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Help identifying 1902-1914 autos from photos

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I had a chance to see some cars which were participating in a reliability run from Spokane to Seattle. These cars were built between 1902 and 1914. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to find out the make and model year for most of them.

The gallery is here:


If you can help me identify the make and/or model year of the ones I don't have that information for I'd appreciate it. If you can identify a car please leave a comment on that image or in the specific gallery.

Jim Woodworth

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I had the purple lake 1906 Buick on this 330 mile tour. Made it all the way including a 4200 foot climb to the top of Steven's Pass in Washington on highway 2. The best tour of 1 and 2 cylinder cars ever!

The following cars participated:

1911 Maxwell Ab - blue

1911 Maxwell Ab - yellow

1907 Tourist - yellow and creme

1908 Maxwell HC Touring -green

1914 Renault EK - blue

1909 Buick F - Red

1910 Buick model 14 - red roadster

1906 Reo Model A - red

1902 Olds curved dash - black

1906 Buick F - purple lake

1904 Rambler G - red

1913 International Highwheeler - red

1908 Northern - red - star on radiator

1907 Olds Straight front - black

1906 Reo Roadster - red

1905 Columbia - Green

1906 Cadillac tulip roadster - maroon

1907 Buick G - silver

1905 Toledo and 1910 Schacht did not make it out of Spokane. 1907 Buick F replaced one of those cars in Ritzville.

18 cars started - 17 made it to Safeco Field in Seattle. 12 drove every mile of the event.

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Don, thank you! I'll get my web site updated sometime Tuesday morning. When you have a chance I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a look and see if I've updated each car's description correctly and let me know. I want to make sure I identify these beauties correctly.

Anything else going on with antique autos in the Inland Northwest? I'd love to get more pictures.


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Thank you for linking these great photos here.

Waterville, Washington is a perfect place for a vintage car gathering. It's one of those quiet little towns that makes one think he's stepped back into the 1940's. We were there for a three-day Buick Club tour on Sept. 11, and I'm certain that our arrival was the day's biggest event for that community. I would love to make it back there next July to see these beautiful early cars.

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