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What do you guys think of this one?

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looks like it will be a great project for you. might want to identify what parts you need ( new harness etc etc ) to throw in the container before you ship over to Finland. Now being a teen/twenty era enthusiast what are those wood wheels in the background off of?



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Hey Mika!

What a find! Tell us a little more about it. How did you find it and what condition is it in (beyond what we can see that is).

It looks like a great project and will be a wonderful addition to your collection. Congratulations!

Best of luck!

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OK, I found the car from Ebay...

It has a small rust hole in trunk and small welded patch on drivers floor. The car is complete, except those small grilles on the sides of bigger one are missing, so is one taillight. Interior is VERY rough. I guess no one knows when it has been driven last. The fellow who sold this has owned it for 25-30 years, but he never drove it. He just picked it up somewhere to save it from the crusher.

Does anyone here know anything about those 30's Hudsons??

Thanks a lot,


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My grandfather had a 2 door sedan just like the one shown. I remember one time when I was about 7 years old packing 16 people (mostly kids) into it for a short ride to the beach. Later he gave it to my dad who used it for a few years. It was still in the driveway a few months before I got my drivers liscense (1955) so I wanted it. I guess my mother didn't want me driving so she junked it. What I remember about it is that the clutch was bad. I wanted to fix it but was advised that it was a wet clutch and was difficult to repair. I was told that about many things in those days but when I tried to fix those things I didn't find them hard at all. I think that this was the first year for a column mounted gearshift on Hudsons. My dad previously had a 1938 "112" that had a floor mounted shift. The '39 was powered by a flathead "6". My great uncle was a Hudson dealer until 1949. Thats about all I can remember but try some questions they may jog some memories loose.

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WoW your 1939 Hudson looks like our 1938 Chrysler we just bought.

Ours has all the windows (working) and it runs. Our inside is not real bad, does need some work,LOL

We are going to Hershey to find parts, brakes and lines mostly. I am looking for inforamtion on it too. Good luck in finding your information.

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Thanks guys for information! Just sent an email to Massachusetts.

He had also one '39 in the website with those sealedbeam things... !


I like those '37-'38 Chryslers !! Just to let you know, Ebay has been VERY GOOD parts source for my 1939 Dodge! You can almost get ANY part NOS/NORS/used on Ebay for these old MoPars!! And cheap! grin.gif

So I recommend that site!

I wish to get my Hudson here SOON! shocked.gif ..

OK, What's the first thing that you have to get when you buy a car ? ?


This one is for Hudson:


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