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1903 - 1909 Early Ford Group Meetings Sept 10 Piquette & Hershey


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The next 1903 - 1909 Early Ford Group meeting is scheduled for Friday Sept 10 at 5 PM Central Daylight Time at the Piquette Ford Plant, Detroit, MI see: http://tplex.org/location.html . Floyd Jaehnert has once again graciously agreed to work out the details for hosting the event. If you are interested in early Fords and you are planning to attend the The Dearborn to Lansing run that Thurs - Friday or the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village that weekend, please join us.

The following month after the Piquette meeting, our follow on meeting will be at the Hershey Swap Meet in the Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA) tent. The meeting will start at 1:00 on Thursday Oct 7. Floyd has also graciously made the Hershey meeting arrangements and will be hosting the meeting.

If you are unable to attend, but you are interested in the 1903 - 1909 Fords, you may request a free copy of the newsletter for a summary of the items that are discussed. For additional information e-mail Hap Tucker by clicking on my user name "FordPiet" in the column just to the left of this posting. Remember to remove the part that says "removemefirst" from the e-mail address. I will not be able to attend Hershey this year, but I am helping shuffle some of the paper work or is that "e-mails" to help support our group. We are an HCCA Affiliated registry http://www.hcca.org/affiliated.html and also a MTFCA Chapter http://www.mtfca.com/clubpages/chapters.htm#sc

To reach additional folks, we have placed a similar note on the MTFCA, HCCA, ACCA, etc. message boards.

Hap 1915 Ford touring cut off and made into a pickup and 1907 Ford Model S Runabout

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