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Hello --

I *think* those are windwings for a '38 or '39 (see pic I've attached). The glass looks a little too wide to be for a '36 or '37. Someone else might know for sure. I'd have to ask around to figure out what they are worth, but I'd be interested in them if you are selling. Bozarth@mindspring.com

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As it turns out, the windwings referred to in the first message are Ford, not Zephyr. One clue is that the woodgrain goes parallel to the metal, not perpendicular.

I talked with Roy Thorson about it, and Roy told me that the metal portion was very similar (except for bends) between the Ford's and my '37 Zephyr and could, in a pinch, be modified to fit(the glass is completely different though). So to make a long story short, I purchased the wind wings.

They are so nice, however, that I'm going to hold off on modifying them and hope I can come across some Zephyr ones. I'm sure some Ford guy would love to have them...

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