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lcoc show in sacramento

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WOW! THAT will be a trip to remember! I drove a 1960 Metropolitan from Los Angeles to Phoenix in around 1973. It was only Memorial Day, but already HOT! I chugged along at about 60 (speedometer didn't work) and the little car made it just fine. Unfortunately, there was no mat or carpet on the floor. just the bare steel. There was no place I could touch that didn't burn me. Just over the Arizona line, a Buick Rivera blew past me at around 75, full of passengers. About 100 miles later I chugged passed them, sitting by the side of the road in a puddle of something. Nothing I could do to help. I had my own problems but **I** was still rolling! The REAL "tortoise and the hare".

I'll look for you in San Antonio.

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