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VIN Number? Registration Number


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I'm trying to verify the owner of a 28 Dodge Victory Six to ensure that I can register it once it's restored. Is there a VIN number somewhere or back then did they use the engine numbers?? I have searched all over the place and can't find anything. If I am unable to find one....Is there some other way to register it? I live in British Columbia, Canada



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Greetings Jason ,

I own a very early victory six frame # M2731

You will find you frame # on the outside of the right fram behaind the

the front springs rear shackle. I had to use a wire brush and some cleaner

then I applied white out and lightly wiped it off to allow the numbers to

appear. You should have an "M" and then your numbers will follow.

Also, you will find you engine # above the exhaust manifold on the forward right hand side of the block and just below the headgasket line this number

should be about 10,000 higher than you frame number.

I am trying to register my victory as a victory because the owner I purchased

it from had it registered under a 1926 sedan vin. If you need any help this is the place to come. your pictures and questions can be sent to:


Lots of luck to you

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My 28 Std Six is stamped on the frame rail in the right front wheel well area and has a tag attached to the top of the floorboard on the  passenger  side under the carpet with matching numbers. I'm not sure if Victorys are in the same location but i think they are.

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