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Does Buick have performance goodies for the 3.8L V6?


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I'm looking for information about OEM, or after-market performance goodies for the 3.8L V6 engine. I would also like to know the smallest G.M. vehicle to use this engine. I am aware of the Reatta, but was looking more towards a non-sportscar body. Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey, Tomsriv.....I spoke to you on the other post. I don't believe I have ever heard of the Olds Trofeo. What does it compare to in other GM cars? Hey, Wildcat65, I had a buddy that had one of those Lumina LTZ's, and I believe he told me it had a 4.3 in it. Whatever it was, It was HOT!! I'm so tempted to try a retrofit with a 4.3 in a Buick, but, then it wouldn't be a Buick, would it? I know, I know......a 4.3 probably won't fit into any of the standard configured Buicks, but who said anything about standard? I've stuck 440 Mopar engines in Chevies, and Buick V6's into Dodge Darts. Thanks, guys! I appreciate it.

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