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Questions Needed for Article on a 1904 Ford AC


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If you could ask the driver and owner of a 1904 Ford Model AC some questions what would they be? No, we haven't found a 130 year old original owner. But our early Ford group newsletter is working on an interview type article with an owner who recently completed a 350 mile endurance type rally across the dirt roads and mountains in Australia in his 1904 Ford. I thought rather than me just asking the questions I think folks would like to hear answers to, I should asked and get some inputs from others. Related to that, are there any particular photo shots that you would really like to see of the car? Please e-mail me your questions or post them below. If this topic should be put on a different Forum -- feel free to move it to the proper spot. Thank you for your help.

Hap Tucker 1915 Ford Touring cut off and made into a pickup truck and 1907 Model S Runabout

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OK, here are a few:

1. What did you do to get the car ready for such a long trip?

2. Did you camp out on the way?

3. What equipment and spares did you carry?

4. What was your top speed and average speed?

5. What were the causes of any breakdowns and how did you fix them?

6. What did it cost for the trip?

7. Would you do it again?

8. What would you do differently?

9. What did you not bring with you that you wish you had brought?

10. Why did you choose this car?

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