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Wanted - 58 Limited 2dr for restoration


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I'm looking for a good 58 Limited 2dr HT in need of restoration... Or a good decent driver for a reasonable price. I would consider any Limited 2dr's or 4drs in any condition.....

If someone knows of one for sale and they give me a lead that leads to a purchase, I will pay a nice finders fee.

By the way, please send me your parts needs if you are working on a 55,56 or 57

Buicks, I have several parts cars right now.....

Thank you,

Ryan Poulos


Former 59 Buick 2dr Lesabre owner

Former 59 Buick Electra 2dr HT owner

Former 59 Buick Electra Conv owner

Former 63 Buick Wildcat 2dr HT owner

Former 69 Buick Electra 2dr HT owner

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