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RARE 1912 - 13 Pierce Arrow Color Booklet; BEAUTIFUL!

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I have an amazing piece of automobile memorabila which came from my

late uncle's estate. Our families grew up in Buffalo, New York and my

Uncle Clark pursued choice, quality items in many different areas of

the collecting hobby. Here is a beautiful, original vintage color

booklet from the Pierce-Arrow Motor Company, copyright 1912. This

high quality advertising booklet showcases the 1912-13 Pierce Arrow

Sixes. (Electric headlamps had just been adopted for the 1913

models!) Besides interesting and informative text, there are

marvelous color and black and white illustrations inside, I've

photographed some of them for you to check out at the link I've


As you'll see, there's an embossed dark green cover (with gold, teal,

and red printing on it) and inside are 32 glossy pages in wonderful

condition. Besides being stapled together, there's a nice accent

string which decoratively binds the entire booklet. There's only

minor flaws (light clear glue?) in two parts of the front cover

(about the middle on the left edge and in the lower left), which

could possibly be removed. I've chosen to leave it in it's current

condition and leave that option to the next owner. Besides the cover

flaws, the insides of this item are great?a 9 ½ to a 10 on a 10

scale. This is a really marvelous booklet; it is the real deal, not a

reproduction. I would say that it's a gem which certainly will be a

terrific addition to any collection...a nice gift idea too! And it

could be awhile before another one of these quality, genuine Pierce-

Arrow booklets surfaces again.

Thanks for reading this! All the Best, Rick

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It is indeed a rare and desirable item but nowhere in your ad or your post do you mention it's size? How big or small is it? 8x10,11x14,6x9?

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