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RIP, H39824...parts car arrived today

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I got the 37 sedan parts car I bought via ebay today.


As expected, the body itself is a total loss, and none of the pans seems to have survived, but the following goodies were there:

* Complete factory Columbia. Everything was there, from vacuum lines, vacuum controls, all the way to the car-length speedo cable.

* Heat exchange system -- different than the one on Roy Thorson's old car, but definitely original to this car.

* Complete tranny & engine, including distributor, original fan, etc.

* Nice fenders which were removed from the car prior to it being left out to rot.

* Headlights, taillights, and passenger side taillight body.

* And thrown in the back, one of the '36 banjo wheels. The grips were gone, but the center hub and horncap were fine.

I'll post pics when I get a chance. Interesting to see how the car went together.

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