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How do I tell if my Buick has the Hoover option?


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What I do know is it sure sucks gas-It is a highly optioned 64 Sportwagon and I think it may have the vaccum door lock option-but how does one tell? The drivers lock knob is chrome and the remaining four are all white. The drivers dr. lock is difficult if not impossible to push down. the others go down as one would expect. How did this system work (or was suppose to work?) Thanks in advance. I have yet to stump this board-but will keep on trying-Greg

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Guest wildcat65401

hey greg,<BR> i'm no expert but , my 69 electa ltd has a switch on the door controll panel beyond the seats and window switches [so its the furthest away]. i'm sure you would have found this but mabye this will get the anwer ball rolling for ya!<BR> i'm still finding switches and hidden buttons on this loaded electra so good luck. grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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