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Help with ID on this Photo.

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OK, I apologize. After closer inspection, this car is a 1940 DeSoto! It turns out that 1940 DeSoto photos are REALLY hard to find. The best ones I could find are attached.

In searching, I found some terrific pictures of an ORIGINAL 1940 DODGE sedan. Check out: http://www.californiaclassix.com/garage/c154.html You will immediately notice the great similarity between Dodge and DeSoto.

The link in your previous message shows a 1941 Dodge, apparently in a junkyard. In 1941 they did a major facelift and the front of the car looks completely different.

And I'm not even a MoPar guy!

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<span style="font-weight: bold">OUTSTANDING Phil ! </span> [color:\\"red\\"]

Thanxxxx !!!!

You get a free buffet if you ever come through Southern Nevada!

My eyes and browser was plumb worn out looking at pictures for this thing.

I'm sure the spirit of the Vet in the photo will thank you too..

That's Fort Benny Georgia BTW, 1944.

Will grin.gif

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