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I think I have discovered that alot, if not most of the BB participants here, get to these pages by way of either bookmarks, or the AACA web page. Well, you are missing some good stuff, as if you visit the BCA main web page (http://www.buickclub.org) there are several links on the main page that may or should be of interest, one is for the Centennial Celebration of Buick in Flint in 2003, a link to info on the 2002 BCA National Meet in Kokomo, IN, a link for the Buick Blackhawk, with new pictures and info on the car, this week and a link for BCA Technical Advisors. As well as links to Chapter web pages, Chapter Director list, Region lists and Division Web Pages, a member picture gallery, membership application, info on submitting an ad to the BUGLE,other Buick clubs, Calendar of BCA events, and the most sought after, other links of interest, which includes vendor links to help every Buick enthusiast with things they might need in the way of parts, literature, legislation, and more. Check it out at: <A HREF="http://www.buickclub.org/otherlinks.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://www.buickclub.org/otherlinks.htm</A> <BR>Roberta

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