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vacume problem


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i have just discovered why my wipers do not work properly and why my car is starting to smoke a little. i thought maybe it was rebuld time but low and behold i found out that the vacume assist pump works with my oil pump in my 58 66r. i was told to plug off the hose to the wipers and the smoke will go away which it did and i am back to my great sounding engine.<BR>my question is this. what other problems will i have doing this, other than my wipers? will this effect the way it runs in any way.<BR>it will be awhile before i can replace it do to the fact that it seems these are not rebuildable (without re-machining them)and my reseach for a replacement is not going very well. from my understanding only 58 buicks had the vacume assist working off the oil pump. frown.gif" border="0

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