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NAIAS 2002


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Well, seeing absolutely nothing from Buick at the NAIAS, it got me wondering.<P>I know lots of companies probably don't always have concepts there, but after the Bengal was dropped, it made me a little surprised that there wasn't anything ready to replace it. What do you all think this could mean?<P>I think it's either nothing/cutbacks on Buick (probably the most likely), or they're actually getting down to make us something nice. [/hope]

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laserbeams,<P>Now I too am disappointed. I am taking off Friday to go to NAIAS. You mean NOTHING? There was Nothing? <P>Did you ask anyone there what was up? Maybe GM is just giving all the attention to the new models from other Brands? Caddy, Chevy all have new vehicles. Buick has none this year.<P>??<BR>Paul <BR>pwilkens@herc.com

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