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Where to purchase Columbia, seals for vacum can


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I concur wholeheartedly. I would have recommend Dan, but Ace beat me to it!

I've known Dan since 1962. He is indeed, a great guy and a good friend.

Dan is the Columbia advisor for the Early Ford V8 club and is also a member of LZOC. He DROVE his 1940 Mercury convertible (Columbia equipped, of course) to Dearborn last year (from Temecula, California) and was worried about getting speeding tickets for driving 75 MPH on the Interstate.

Dan is currently swapping out some of my 1939 Ford Columbia parts for the corresponding correct 1939 Zephyr parts. cool.gifgrin.gif

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Thanks Ace, another question, besides my 40 4 door have a 38 and need

the vent and rear vent window seals, bought some years ago for my 40 from some out fit in Minesota but can't seem to find my paper work.

Ilike your 37 sedan.

Bill grin.gif

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