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1930 Series 40 Carb Heat Valve needed


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Hi Everybody. I have a 1930 model 46 Business Coupe which I am doing a mechanical restoration on. The carb. heat valve is missing and even though I don't plan on using the carb heat, I do want the original parts there. I also need good, straight tire rims for 19 X 550 tires.

thanks in advance for any help.


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How many rims do you need? I am in Bellflower, Calif. The price is $25.00 each for nice round rims. Depending on how many you need, I may have to send some of the not so nice but still round ones at $20.00 each. fredrawling@verizon.net Send me your city and zip and I will let you know how much shipping will be.

Do not be offended if I take a day or two to answer you.


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