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upholstery shop in NYC/NJ/PA Area Needed


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Hello,<P>We need to recover the front seat in our 68' sportwagon 400, and we are looking to redo the stock pattern. Does anyone know of any auto upholstery shops, in the NYC/NJ eastern PA, area that they can recommend for the job??? Please help, we do not know how much longer our backsides can take it!!!<P>thanks<BR>james and ursula

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

James & Ursula,<P>I cannot recommend an upholsterer unless you want to come to Pittsburgh, however I do have some info that may help you. I ran into a guy at car cruises with a 74 Century Lexus, with a really odd interior pattern, in brown . He gave me a phone number for a gentleman who found him the proper material to match his interior pattern, and if you have an unusual interior pattern (like my light blue embroidered seats ) then this man either has or can get you the proper material.<P>His name is Tom Ames<BR>His phone # is 810-727-2486<P>Hope this helps<P>Dan

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