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Sloan VIN Info Update


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Got this info today and was asked to pass it on:<BR>I have new car build info on microfiche from Buick Motor Division for 1970<BR>(numbers before 193000) and 1972 thru 1976. All models, all plants.<BR>Unfortunately some reels of Flint builts for 1970 and all but Opels in 1971<BR>are missing. If any of your members would be interested in having this<BR>information the cost is $20.00 per VIN. I can be reached at any and all of<BR>the places listed below.<BR>Hope you had a good holiday,<BR>Pat<BR>Sloan Museum's Perry Archives<BR>303 Walnut St<BR>Flint, MI 48503<BR>sloan@flintcultural.org <A HREF="http://www.sloanmuseum.org" TARGET=_blank>www.sloanmuseum.org</A>

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Guest 70 Electra

More good news: <P>The "missing" information for 1970 Flint built cars (VIN's above 193552)is in the possession of a private party. His name is Wayne Roberts, and he can be reached at home on (248)879-2113. I have his mailing address as well, if any interested parties have trouble reaching him. I will warn you that he is tough to get a hold of.<P>Wayne can provide a similar service to the Sloan Museum. Like the Sloan, there is a charge for the info. <P>Also, like the Sloan info, you do not receive an actual copy of the invoice. Instead, you get the information from the invoice in a handwritten fashion. (This is because neither Sloan nor Roberts has the proper equipment to provide a photostatic copy of the original document.)<P>By the way, the only pricing information provided by these invoices is the total dealer invoice amount. This reflects the dealer's discount, and is not an indication of either the MSRP or the actual transaction price. It includes options (at the dealer's discounted price), and the shipping fee (not discounted).

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