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1941 Cadillac


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I must be nuts. When I retired, after building an additional garage on the side of my home, as it is too damned cold up here in the winters to have a vintage car in an unheated storage area, I wound up buying first, a 1916 Ford Touring Car, then a year or so later a 1931 Ford Roadster. I play with these, and take them into the local High School to talk about their contributions to, and impact on automotive history and automobile mechanics. Now, I am a retired teacher and I sure don't have bazillions of dollars to throw around, but once more I am regressing, again and thinking of the 1941 Fleetwood I had many decades ago and wishing I had another, as that was one sweet car. Where I am, I am really a lot better off to get a really nice older restoration and just do the upkeep rather than trying to restore from scratch. I will also have to build another warm garage before I can even think seriously about doing this. I will certainly have to do a hell of a lot of substituting to earn enough money to get a nice '41 or '42 Caddy, and then getting it up here. I would think I would be smart to again look in the North West and fly down to see it as well as bring the car back on the Alaska Ferry as I did with my Model A.

Anyone willing to work with me on a long range plan, or talk me back into some semblance of sanity, please contact me at uhldwm@ak.net. It looks like a show car would probably run upwards of $50,000.00, which is way beyond my means. However, I am looking at a really nice, and correct, driver that I could use in the schools as an example of a pre WW-2 high in excellence, and Harley Earl design, as well as a dependable driver for that purpose. I really don't have any idea what a nice one would run, and as I previously stated, doing a restoration is, for a lot of reasons impractical for me, especially up here. What I really need is some guidance at this point. That or a good slap to the side of the head, and a, ?What in the hell were you thinking!?, reality check. One thing I know for sure, I won?t be able to buy one for $5.00 like I did back in the early 1960?s. smirk.gif

Thanks in advance,

Jim Uhl

Knik, Alaska

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Guest imported_41Kaddy

If you are looking for a good unrestored 9141 Cadillac 60 Special contact Charlie Babcock in Sarasota, Florida. His office number is 941-349-4990, and his mobile is 941-356-4990. He is a walking encyclopedia for 41 Fleetwoods, and 47 Cadillac's. He owns three warehouse of parts. He provided my head mechanic with hundreds of top notch parts over the last five years when we restored my 41 Fleetwood. He is reliable, honorable, eccentric, slow, and expensive, but very high quality stuff, and he knows that car inside and out.

My name is Bill Podany from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tell him that I provided this reference for you.

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